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Ross McLauran Madden, Esquire

Mediation Services

Our office provides experienced mediation services for all kinds of disputes, including:

  • Contract disputes
  • Landlord-tenant disputes
  • TIC co-owner squabbles
  • Condominium homeowners' association problems
  • Disclosure issues
  • Family Law
  • Personal injury settlement negotiations
and has all the prerequisites for successful mediation -- a safe, neutral place to discuss the problems and issues openly, and skilled professional guidance that lets the party derive their own solution to the problem in a non-coercive atmosphere. The discussions and all information revealed are confidential and cannot be used in litigation if the mediation fails. PLEASE CALL (415) 567-1212 TO DISCUSS MEDIATION OF YOUR SITUATION.

The Three Poisons - A Buddhist Guide To Resolving Conflict Mr. Madden has an LLM graduate law degree in conflict resolution from Pepperdine University’s Straus Institute For Dispute Resolution, the premiere mediation training program in America. His book “The Three Poisons: A Buddhist Guide To Conflict Resolution" explains how Buddhist principles and practices can be used to resolve internal and inter-personal conflict by allowing the participants to see what is actually occurring, and who their “opponents” really are, thereby freeing themselves from attachment to the conflict. Mr. Madden is also co-leader of the Mediators Beyond Borders, International Nepal Team, which works with the Nepal Mediators' Society and the Nepal Supreme Court to improve mediator comepetence and efficacy.

If you or your clients find themselves in dispute, please call us for a free phone consultation, preferably before litigation commences. If parties are represented by counsel, they are of course welcome to participate in the mediation sessions, or to call to discuss their clients’ situation. Our hourly mediator fee is $325 for groups of four or less, and $375 for larger groups, with a four-hour minimum per case (which is paid as a retainer before the first session), and a 72-hour cancellation policy with full refund except for mediator fees for reviewing case documents prior to mediation. We also provide “hybrid” forms of conflict resolution such as med-arb and arb-med, which allow for the inclusion of mediation and arbitration in one session, thereby saving time and money for the participants as well as guaranteeing finality to the proceeding.

References available upon request.

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