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  How To Get Started With Living Trust Estate Plans  

Our goal at Ross Madden’s Estate Planning Center is to have you feel safe and comfortable during the preparation and signing of your estate plan, and to provide you with the best possible plan at a great price.

To start your process, you can do any of the following

  1. Give us a call and come in for a free initial consultation
    Ross Madden's office is conveniently located at:
    154 Rivoli Street,
    San Francisco
    CA 94117 (   » ).
    Our phone number is:
    Our fax number is:
  2. Email us
    We will e-mail or phone you back to discuss your individual situation, and set up your free initial consultation. We can also email you a questionnaire to get you started.
    contact@rossmaddenlaw  »
  3. Download a questionnaire so you can get more information about your estate plan
    The questionnaire will help you decide how you want your estate distributed, who would act as your replacement trustee or attorney-in-fact in the event you are unable, and help you identify what assets will be in your estate.
  4.   Living Trust Estate Plan for a Single Person  

      Q-Tip/Credit-Shelter Living Trust and questionnaire for heterosexual Married Couples  

      Q-Tip/Credit-Shelter Living Trust and questionnaire for same sex Married Couples  

      Living Together Living Trust Estate Plan and questionnaire  

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