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 Frequently Asked Questions 

  1. Does EPC transfer my real property to my trust?
    Yes. With each California EPC Comprehensive Plan, one piece of California real property is transferred to your trust at no extra charge (except recorder's office fees). Additional California properties can be deeded at $75.00/property (plus recorder's fees). EPC can also transfer partial interests in real property to the trust.
  2. Will transferring my California real property to my trust cause it to be reassessed?
    No. And there is no transfer tax upon recording the deed to trust.
  3. Are living trusts beneficial for single persons?
    Yes. They avoid conservatorship, will contests, and probate delays/expense for the people you care for.
  4. What happens if a married couple get divorced after setting up a living trust?
    The trust should be revoked and replaced by two individual living trusts.
  5. How do I amend my trust?
    By signing a simple amendment and delivering it to the trustee. EPC generally charges $350 to draft such an amendment.
  6. How do I transfer assets to my trust?
    EPC provides you with simple instructions to do this any time you commission one of our Comprehensive Plans.
  7. Should EPC be contacted upon the death of trustor?
    Yes, or contact any competent estate planning attorney.
  8. Are living trusts good for non-married couples living together?
    Yes, they are good for anyone who has property and/or children. The only difference between the estate plan for a married couple and an unmarried couple is that the unmarried couple doesn't qualify for the unlimited marital deduction, an estate tax benefit.

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